Astrology Guide

Whether you want to better communicate with your partner about your needs or better understand what they need from you, astrology can help.
Astrologer Lisa Moore shares her knowledge of what your rising sign means, what it doesn’t mean, and how to apply this information in your own life.
"The Moon represents your instincts, deeper desires, and subconscious mind, as well as longings and yearnings that make you feel safe," spiritual mentor Erica Lee explains.
Having flaws doesn’t make you unworthy of having a relationship – it makes you human. And understanding your flaws can give you a leg up when it comes to making your relationship last.
Your guide to understanding the role that the planets play in astrology.
A spiritual teacher shares the mantra you should adopt to live your best life.
It never hurts to look to the stars for guidance. Find out the biggest relationship turn-ons and turn-offs for your sign — and theirs.
What are your turn-ons? What are your needs? Decode your sex life with these tips from astrologists.
Time to dive into your birth chart to better understand what makes you feel happy in a relationship.
Consider this your mercury retrograde survival guide.
Being astrology-obsessed means never feeling ashamed to ask for someone's birthday.
Happy Chinese New Year! Here's what you need to know about the Year of the Dog.
All's fair in love and eclipse season.
The receptive, sympathetic, home-loving sign of the zodiac.
Fun, intelligent, curious and carefree.
There's more to your astrological profile than just your sun sign.
Loyal, romantic, practical, stubborn, and a lover of fine food.
And if you're not a Pisces, trust us – these are on a need-to-know basis when it comes to finding out what lies beneath the surface of the passionate Pisces woman.
Because Hell hath no fury like an Earth sign scorned. Isn't that how it goes?